Hello, and welcome to Films At Home! I am a huge home theater fanatic and movie collector from the Boston area. I started this blog because I was looking for reviews of Blu Ray releases for the average home viewer, and I saw a niche that needed to be filled. I am not concerned with explaining the video codecs, transfer processes, or nitpicking every scene for small mistakes. I want to provide the average home viewer with a simple review which should answer a simple question, regardless of the critical reception or box office results of the film; How does it look at home?

I aim to answer this question by providing feedback on the packaging of the Blu Ray release, the picture quality, and the audio track in each of my reviews. Hopefully this can help other collectors to decide whether or not to purchase a film, wait for a lower sale price before pulling the trigger, or skipping the film altogether.

I can be reached on Twitter @filmsathome or via email at filmsathomedotcom@gmail.com. I welcome requests for new reviews, collaborations, writing gigs, and any other inquiries through my Twitter account and email.



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